A Meaningful Thank-you

Hand written thank you notes have stood the test of time. Receiving a hand written note during this day in age is truly a treasure! We received a meaningful note from the mother of the groom thanking our team for how beautiful and smooth her son’s wedding went, a memory they will cherish forever. This personal recognition is rewarding and sincere, it means so much to the Astin Mansion family! Don’t forget to express your gratitude to everyone who worked so hard to make your happily ever after come true!

The Chinese and Egyptian cultures were the first to start writing what we would consider thank you notes. They would exchange messages of fortune and goodwill on papyrus paper. In the 1400s, Europeans started practicing exchanging notes as a new form of social expression, hand delivering to friends and family. Then in 1856, a German immigrant  brought greeting cards and notes to America. As you can see, people have been writing about their gratitude for centuries.


Pictured on the right is the beautiful hand written note we received in the mail, which truly made our day!

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