Texas Reds VIP Party

Another year, another great party! The Astin Mansion had the honor of hosting this year’s Texas Reds VIP Party. We always look forward to hosting this event because we get to work together with many of our “friendors” (friends+vendors). This year we featured five food vendors and five wine vendors, which sponsored this year’s festival. Each vendor provided tastings for our VIP guests.

Here’s a few of our vendors and guests socializing and enjoying their tastings!

The Texas Reds Festival brought headliner Deana Carter, famous for her Strawberry Wine song, to town this year so we themed the VIP party after her. Each of the guest tables featured lyrics and decor from her Strawberry Wine song. Below are a few of my favorite centerpieces.

Astin Mansion would like to say a special thanks to all of our vendors! We couldn’t do it without y’all! We are lucky to work alongside each of you!


Alcohol Vendors:                         Food Vendors:            Additional Thanks:

  • Los Pinos Winery               Rx Pizza                       Downtown Bryan Association
  • Wedding Oak Winery        Caffe Capri                 Downtown Event Services
  • Messina Hof                         Casa Rodriguez          Christopher Crow Music
  • Texas Legato Winery         The Village Cafe         Party Time Rentals
  • Texas Hills Vineyard          D’Vine Cuisine
  • Blackwater Draw Brewing Co.


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